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Frames & Canvas

Professionalism – Go the extra mile


Giclee it!

2ArtiStans use a superior quality printing process. For the smaller jobs we use an Epson 6-ink (dye based) printer and premium photographic paper up to 260GSM.

For the larger jobs a4+ we use a professional Canon 10-ink (pigment based) printer and various Fine Art media, including canvas fabric.

If we need to, we can also outsource to a local lab for any special banner prints or larger than A2 prints. We have all bases covered.


Frame or Canvas - your choice!

Framing is a very personal choice, and we can help perfect your print, ready to hang, with a choice of frame. Likewise, canvas is now an option. Due to the complexity involved with both options email or DM us first and we will get back to you

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