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Welcome to 2ArtiStans

The 2ArtiStans consist of mother and son creative duo Linda and Phil Stanbridge (the two ArtiStans). Originally from Cambridgeshire, they both now reside in Troon in South Ayrshire.


Phil Stanbridge

I'm an avid photographer and try and have the camera with me at every opportunity. Sometimes it's about being in the right place at the right time, for that special shot.

I absolutely love the west coast and a photographic "window" is never far away. But I've also travelled widely and have built quite a portfolio in over 20 years. Enjoy the site!


Linda Stanbridge

I joined Phil in Troon when Thomas Cook collapsed in 2019. I worked with them for 20 years but now I had an opportunity for a change of scene. The marvellous Ayrshire coastline and glorious Scottish countryside inspired me to take up my paintbrush again. I have lots of ideas for future projects and I hope you will follow us to see what becomes of them.

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